USA / ACCESSWIRE / June 4, 2018 / Frank Amato, Co-Founder of blockchain capital investment firm Block5, has joined the Stakenet team as an advisor in the lead up to the launch of

A former Executive Director for JPMorgan and Managing Director at Bear Sterns, Frank has an impressive career spanning over 18 years and placing him on 3 continents. He first became involved with Bitcoin in 2013, eventually buying into the US Marshals auction of Silk Road coins in early 2014. Since then, he has been successfully investing in start-ups both directly and via BlockChain Capitals Angellist syndicate.

Stakenet aims to create the world’s first truly trustless decentralized economy and intends to create a suite of effective investment tools for retail and conventional investors. With the launch of imminent, Frank is joining the team at an exciting time. He will be assisting Stakenet with bringing early adopter retail investors into the project as well as advising on the building of the DEX to create an optimal trading experience.

Frank says “I am excited and honoured to join the Stakenet team as an advisor, I believe there are great things to come in the near future. They have an amazing team, incredible tech and a dedicated community.” PR Director of Stakenet, Wesley Forgione, added “We are delighted to welcome Frank to the team, I strongly believe his experience in the traditional banking sector will aid in the build-out of the trustless multi-currency wallet.”, the front-end consumer interface, is set for release June 2018. The Stakenet blockchain is powered by its own native coin XSN and besides already implemented TPoS Feature, will develop the following key elements: Decentralized Exchange (DEX), Cross Chain Proof of Stake (CCPoS), Multi-Currency Wallet, Cold Exchanging from Hardware Wallets and XSN Hardware Wallet.

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Wesley Forgione
PR Director
Stakenet XSN

Email: [email protected]
SOURCE: Stakenet

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